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Are You Marketing Green Homes the Right Way?

By NPMGAdmin

By Courtney Soinski

When it comes to marketing your listings, it’s important to remember that your strategies and tactics for different types of properties should not be the same. Think about it, would you sell a traditionally built home like you would a green home with solar-powered energy? I think not.

Put simply, green homes compete on value with lower utility bills, while typical homes compete on price as well as features like granite countertops. When listing a green home, focus on the features that will boost its value to outdistance the competition.

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Here are some top features to focus on when marketing green homes:

1. Lay off the Environmental mumbo-jumbo.

Keep the buyer’s priorities in mind when doing your sales pitch. Of course they care for Mother Nature, but the truth is, buyers care more about their home’s efficiency, keeping their family safe, and lowering utility bills. So focus on that.

2. Use the word “High-Performance”

When describing the features of the home you’re listing, try replacing the word “green” with “high-performance”. In the buyer’s point of view, it sounds much more accurate and not nearly as vague.

3. Show buyers the green savings.

It’s easy for buyers to see the real financial benefits if they’re shown real numbers. On your listing, list the projected monthly utility bill savings, projected annual savings, and projected five-year savings. For example, if the home can save homeowners $175/month, that means they’ll also save $2,100 in one year and $10,500 over the span of 5 years.

4. Sell on the needed, not the nice.

Instead of using the term “eco-friendly”, try using “non-toxic” or “low toxins” because that registers more in the mind of a homebuyer. Also, as an example, you may want to explain that by using non-toxic paint in the home, their family is not breathing in harmful chemicals like in regular paint. These chemicals have even been documented to be harmful to your health.

At the end of the day, it’s all about selling on the value of the home. You can reach and target homebuyers efficiently by always selling based on the client’s needs. Be clear, concise, deliver relevant facts about the home’s features, and show the growing value that these features provide. Know your audience, deliver the right message, and go sell green homes!

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Source: How to Sell a Green Home - Lose the Environmental Speech

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