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7 Tips for Social Media and Content Marketing in Real Estate

By NPMGAdmin

By Courtney Soinski

I’ve got something to “share” with you! As content developer for The Real Estate Book’s marketing campaigns, we’ve tested different types of articles and practices for creating engaging and “sharable” content. Here are 7 top tips for social media and content marketing in real estate to help you build your email newsletter, social media or other marketing campaigns. Enjoy!

h1. Home buyers love easy and inexpensive renovation projects.

There’s a little crafty DIY in all of us and when you buy a home, you may be budget-strapped, but want to make your new home your own. Here are some examples of some of our most shared tips for decorating on a budget.

5 Inexpensive Steps to a Speedy Home Sale

Creative Home Design with Flea Market Finds

Top Ways to Improve Your Home for $100 or Less!

YoungHome2. Home buyers love to dream about their next home.

Home shoppers pick up design magazines (and real estate magazines!) early in the home shopping process. Home shopping is about home dreaming. Give them something to dream about! Share these top articles from our blog.

3 Luxurious Trends in Bathroom Comfort

The Most Popular Features to Improve the Performance of Your Home

4 Trends to Heighten Your Home’s Style

forsale3. Sellers need advice on getting ready to sell.

Everyone’s a little anxious about selling their home. Will I get a good price for it? Will it sell quickly? How much do I need to invest to get it ready? Sharing some advice on these topics will engage sellers. Here are some examples.

New Home Trends You Should Know About in 2015

Three Overlooked Home Features That Drive Curb Appeal

Home Staging Tips: Achieving Buyer Appeal with Roman Shades

millennial24. Look for opportunities to engage.

Don't just share the content.  Ask questions about it to which they can respond?  Start a conversation. For example -

Would you use this color in your home? Selling Your Home? Make a Little Color Go a Long Way

Selling this season? What are you planning to change in your home to stage it to sell? Is Your Home Staged for Every Season?

What do you think about closed kitchens? Are Closed Kitchens Making a Comeback?

5. Mix shared content with original content.

Take photos of a cool bathroom, a fabulous kitchen, or a great entryway from one of your listings.  Share them and then link to the listing on your own website.

6. Be yourself and have fun.

People are more willing to call you if they feel they know you.  Make them more comfortable and you'll get more calls!

7. Keep opening this email (and sharing our content).

We've spent a lot of time determining the type of content homebuyers and sellers want and that real estate professionals can confidently share.  Take advantage of our trial and error proven results.

Looking for more articles? There are over 300 articles on Blog.RealEstateBook.com. You can use the search bar at the top right of the home page to find just the right content.

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