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How to Deliver Email Worth Reading

By NPMGAdmin

By Courtney Soinski

iStock_000000316772Medium-email copyThink about all the emails that you receive in your inbox each and every day. Now think about all the emails that you send to your prospects and clients. Do your marketing messages have what it takes to be opened and read? How do you get people to pay attention?

To prevent emails from being ignored or filtered into spam folders, learn these headache-saving strategies.

Get right to the point in the subject line

To ensure that your email gets opened and clicked on, grab the reader’s attention with a catchy subject line. Keep it short, descriptive, and give them a reason to explore your message further.

Try to avoid flashy promotional phrases, all capital letters, and exclamation points. Not all punctuation is bad, though. Subject lines framed as questions can often perform well.

Words and phrases to stay away from

To avoid being plopped in the dreaded spam folder or just plain ignored, there are certain words and phrases that you should stay away from at all costs. According to a recent study, a few of these words include: “Free”, “Help”, “Percent Off”, and “Reminder”.

Use a recognizable “From” name

“From” names that are not recognized or seem confusing to readers will be ignored, deleted, or lost in the inbox. Would YOU want to open an email from someone you don’t know?

Here’s something else to keep in mind – sending a welcome email as soon as your client subscribes will get them engaged much earlier in the relationship. After that, they’ll surely be able to recognize you, trust you, and read your emails.

Localization gets results

Providing localization in your email, such as the name of a city, neighborhood, or area-specific event can increase open rates and click-through rates. You’ll be using personalized geographic information to peak their interest while directly targeting clients on a hyper-local level.

Design for optimum compatibility

When you’re creating your email, be sure that it’s designed to display on all types of device platforms. Now more than ever, people everywhere use their cell phones and tablets in addition to a desktop computer to access their email. Don’t let your messages get left behind!

Deliver read-worthy content

You can increase and maintain engagement by delivering content that’s actually wanted. Keep it short, and provide links they can click on to read more or share with a friend via email or social media. Including a video is also a great way to effectively connect with your readers.

There are many benefits of email marketing if used in the right way. After all the hard work you put into your campaigns, the last thing you want is to be ignored or mistaken for spam. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to building relationships through valuable content and effective reader engagement.

Are you ready to deliver email worth reading?


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