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10 Money-Wasting Habits You Can Ditch

By NPMGAdmin

By Barbara Pronin

Whether it’s a latte you could have done without, or a cute pair of shoes you didn’t need, even the most frugal folks among us waste a little money now and then. But penny-pinchers seem to make it a habit not to make it a habit.

Smart Money blogger Emily Co talked to a group of determined savers. Here are the top money-wasters they identified. How many of them can you cut out?

1. Paying Bank Fees

Do you even know about, much less track, the fees your bank may be charging you? From checking fees to overdraft fees to third-party ATM fees, you should do what you must to avoid them.

2. Tossing Leftovers

Whether at home or at a restaurant, throwing away leftovers instead of eating them the next day is a huge and avoidable waste of money.

3. Buying Stuff at Convenience Stores

How much do you want that soda or candy bar when filling up at the gas station? Convenience store prices are very high. Think twice before you buy.

4. Heating and Cooling Costs

Properly insulating your home and caulking up cracks and crevices under doors can save a bundle in the long run.

5. Unclaimed Rebates and Returns

You’re throwing away cash if you’re not redeeming rebates or neglecting to return the little things you purchased but do not want.

6. Bottled Water

Get a filter and start carrying your own bottled water from home instead of paying for and clogging the ecosystem with plastic bottles.

7. Not Buying Generics

There may some generics that don’t meet your standards, but try as many generic drugs, cosmetics and other products before deciding they are not for you.

8. Buying Everything New

Browse through a second-hand store now and then to prove to yourself that not everything needs to be purchased new.

9. Ignoring Discount Stores

Bargains abound at the dollar store as well for those who want to be more frugal.

10. Paying for Services You Can Do Yourself

Why pay for lawn mowing or changing the oil in your car when you can save by doing it yourself? A little online instruction may be all you need to start hanging on to more of your money.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2016. All rights reserved.

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