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Nursery Decorating Trends for 2016

By NPMGAdmin

image1_article2by Jacklyn Renz

Whether it’s your first or your fifth, having a new baby is exciting and a cause for preparation. The nursery, where your bundle will sleep and play, is key to creating an atmosphere conducive to sleep and relaxation. You’ll be especially thankful for your nursery amidst the cries and late night snacks. Here are some of the nursery decoration trends to watch for in 2016 that can help make your baby’s new room a portrait of his or her personality!

image2_article2Pastels Are Back

The sweet gentle colors of pink or blue are still around. Pastels have returned with a bang, offering a calming effect to any room. But don’t feel closed in by the traditional colors. We see others like periwinkle, lilac, and pale green. These soft colors are modernized by blending with newer patterns and modern decor.

The Wonder of Wood

It’s no secret that natural wooden decor has made its way into our homes, from carvings for the walls to natural wooden crates made into shelving. Now that wooden look seeps into the nursery. This year, wood panel wall pieces are big, and often splashed with phrases or names. For cribs, reclaimed wood or natural wood tones are on the rise, but they still compete with the traditional white and espresso tones.

Statement Cribs

Cribs are essential to the nursery, and they’ve got something to say! In 2016, we see statement cribs in the baby’s rooms as more than a sleep place, but an art centerpiece. Crib manufacturers are getting bold, playing with the shapes, materials, and colors of the crib. One maker even uses solid, colored acrylic pieces as one side of the crib’s wall.

Making it Modern

Even with pastels coming back, they are blended in with the sleek, clean look of modern decor. Instead of frills and florals, we are seeing a resurgence of simple and sharp. Geometric shapes can be incorporated in the wall hangings, how the wall is painted, or into a rug. The sharp lines of a modern look helps to balance the fluff traditionally seen in nurseries.

image3_article2To the Skies

It is typical in the nursery world to have a shape or animal that people gravitate to that they can splash here and there in the room. According to ProjectNursery.com, 2016 will see many nurseries that are zooming to the skies with pictures of clouds or moons as the focus. Having a specific theme to the nursery offers a fun and creative way to decorate the nursery and incorporate that icon in several different places.

Bold With Lighting

Along with cribs as a centerpiece, there is also a trend towards bold statement lighting fixtures. Pendants or chandeliers sparkle from the ceiling, drawing the eye upwards as you glance around the room. Just a quick stroll through Pinterest, and we see large lampshade fixtures, lighting made to look like wood, main lights with dangling mobile pieces (a great way to include your chosen animal or shape), or large modern bulbs.

In the end, the nursery and the decorations you choose are what you love. Don’t be afraid to venture out of the trendy box to make the room a relaxing environment for you and your baby.

sources: Pinterest.com, projectnursery.com, sheknows.com

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