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Dust Bunnies, Bacteria, and Dirt…Oh My!

By NPMGAdmin

by Jacklyn Renz

Swept the floors? Check. Vacuumed the carpets? Double check. Wiped down the counters and toilets? Done. It feels like you’ve done all there is to do for this cleaning day. What if we told you that there are still germs thriving in unreached places? We’ve learned some of the most unclean places in the average home, and we are wanting to share! Ready to get your hands dirty? Let’s go.


Handles, Switches, and Faucets

Once we learned that handles, switches, and faucets are some of the dirtiest places in the home, it made sense. These are the most touched yet the least cleaned because they are small and less threatening than places like the floor. When doing your regular routine in an area of the house, make sure to give these places a friendly swipe, especially the toilet flush handle.

Standing Water

Any place in the house where water can sit is a breeding ground for bacteria. The spots just around the drains in a bathtub or in sinks are the more obvious of spots, and probably make your cleaning list. But here’s one for the list: the coffee maker. The water reservoir breeds bacteria and is rarely cleaned by most people. A rule of thumb is flush out you joe machine monthly with undiluted white vinegar, followed by 2 or 3 flushes of fresh water.

No Man’s Land

The spaces that lie out of sight, untouched, and out of mind are the favorite hiding spots for dust bunnies. Dust is made up of skin, insect feces and exoskeletons, dirt, pet dander, and more. Don’t let it make its home in your home! Think of spots such as on top of your kitchen cabinets, decorative architectural ledges, and door frames. Make it a habit to give these places a wipe down at least once a month.

The Bathroom

We admit the bathroom is not often overlooked, but there are a couple of places to note need some attention. For one: the wall behind your toilet. Wipe this down occasionally with a disinfecting wipe. Wipe down the shower and bathtub after use. Otherwise, specifics such as mold, fungi, and staph bacteria can grow. Finally, the toothbrush holder. According to the Huffington Post, NSF international found that 27% had coliform bacteria and 14% had Staph. This is due to the junk dripping from a rinsed brush and the fecal matter that may splash upon it during a toilet flush.

Well-Used Kitchen Appliances

Inside the refrigerator is an often glazed over spot because we go in to get what we need and leave the messes in the dark once again. Take time to take all the food out of the fridge and give it a wipe down. The best time for this is before grocery shopping day. Another spot is under the stove and in between the stove and countertops. Finally, wipe down the knobs and buttons of your appliances to keep them sanitary with each use.

With so many places to keep in mind, your best option may to be hire a professional cleaning servicing company. Often, these folks come well equipped to tackle all the jobs your house needs, and they know where the dust accumulates. Dust and bacteria can hide, but they can’t run!

sources: huffingtonpost.com, bhg.com

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