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6 Loft Layouts to Inspire Your Space

By NPMGAdmin

by Sumita Dalmia

Is your family hankering for more space? If you love your home too much to move, then ask a loft specialist to measure up your home's attic space, or think about converting that empty nook into a private escape in your own home. Whether you have the room to create extra bedrooms, a library, or simply a cool playroom for the kids, converting the loft can add a definite wow factor to your home.

Split Level Living Space


If you are lucky enough to have plenty of height to play with in your loft, then consider using two levels to define areas with different uses. Create a warm and cozy living room feel with a bedroom combo raised on top for dual practicality. Raising the bed with bookshelves also allows you to use the space as a study.

Cozy Den


If you have a grumpy teenager who usually doesn’t want your company when they have friends over, give them the gift of a den. This space can be ideal for gaming, gossiping, and dancing to their favorite songs, without you having to sacrifice your primary family room area.

Home Office


It’s easy to free up space in the corner of the kitchen or the living room by moving your desk and office space to the loft. It will be a quieter and calmer environment, and you can benefit from the loads of sunlight pouring through a skylight above your work station.

Guest Bedroom


If you have family or friends that visit often, it would make sense to create a bedroom for them. Position the single beds under the eaves so that they have enough height to stand up in the center of the room. This way, you can throw out those air mattresses and sleeping bags and allow them to feel well rested and comfortable when they come over.

Kids Playroom


Using bright and uplifting colors in addition to a large skylight to let sun in, this space can be transformed into a child’s bedroom, especially since the little ones are less likely to hit their head on the ceiling! Place down a colorful rug, a chalkboard wall for kids to draw on, and splash some paint on a feature wall to make the space inviting for kids! Consider using a cheap vinyl tile flooring so that the kids can also use their as their arts and crafts area and you don’t have to worry about the carpet.

Extra Storage

Is there anyone that doesn’t need additional storage in their house? How about a place for all of those shoes? Or those photo albums and keepsakes? Your coin collection? Try installing shelves, drawers, and sliding closet doors to create a space where you can hide off-season coats, shoes, old books, and those knick knacks that you just aren’t ready to throw out yet!

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