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Exquisite Window Treatments to Impress Your Guests

By NPMGAdmin

by Rebecca Bradshaw

Just as an elegant picture frame can enhance a beautiful painting, exquisite window treatments are the finishing touch that can enhance your home’s décor. Whether you use bold patterns, flowing drapes, or sleek tailored curtains, window treatments can be used to make dramatic statements or subtlety underscore the mood of any room.

Use window treatments to draw attention to your home’s architectural details such as vaulted ceilings or large Palladian windows. Luxurious silk floor to ceiling drapes backed by simple sheers add drama and sophistication to tall windows—the longer the curtains the more elegant the design. Drapes can either stop just short of the floor for rooms with high traffic, or can puddle for a more opulent look. Even if your windows don’t extend to the ceiling, mount flowing panels high, drawing the eye up to emphasize a room’s height and create the illusion of more space. Use classic finials and tiebacks for understated elegance.


Pleated drapes hung from decorative rods are a window treatment staple, and can be topped with angular or scalloped valances for either a sophisticated or casual look. Pinched pleats at the top of panels add a fashionable, contemporary touch, while tabbed tops work well in more casual spaces. Fabric and pattern choices can match or complement the color and style the room’s furnishings. Soft, subtlety patterned drapes in neutral colors will help create a calm oasis, while the use of unexpected patterns and bold tones will add energy and visual impact to a room. These drapery styles work well with the current trend in window treatment hardware, which emphasizes simplicity and the use of natural materials. 

For elegant window dressings in formal rooms, tassel trimmed drapes in brocades or other rich fabrics are layered over sheers, and can be topped with cornices or valences for an exquisite, custom made look. Ornately scrolled metal hardware, crowns, and holdbacks trimmed with sparkling crystals give added opulence to this look. The same elegance can be brought to bedrooms by creating layered window treatments in lighter fabrics such as voile or cotton. Use soft, romantic prints or bold colors and patterns to fit the room’s décor. Match curtains to wallpaper for added impact. Window dressings in bright colors, whimsical patterns, and fabric tiebacks can be the perfect finishing touch to a child’s room.

If your home’s style is contemporary, dress your windows with grommet hung panels to create crisp folds and sleek lines. Lined raw silk and textured or metallic sheened fabrics in deep tones offer sophisticated drapery options, while bold prints and colors that starkly contrast with the rest of the space add dramatic visual impact. Simple polished nickel and chrome hardware will continue the contemporary look.


With their soft folds and light blocking abilities, the function and simplicity of Roman shades have traditionally been used in more casual spaces such as family rooms and kitchens. With the current abundance of fabric choices and customized offerings, however, Roman shades are now adding both style and function to even the most formal room in the house. Heavy linens, geometric prints and wooden hardware are popular finishing design choices for the shades.

No matter what your style, exquisite window treatments bring the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home.

Source: HGTV, House Beautiful, My Home Ideas, Better Homes & Gardens

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