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Best Practices for Using Social Media in Your Business

By NPMGAdmin

By Claire Wiese, Social Media Marketing Manager at HSA Home Warranty

Being a successful real estate professional means knowing how to navigate social media. It’s almost impossible to network (especially to Millennials!) without Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And when used effectively, they can be cost-effective tools that help target new clients.

socialYou can become more successful at social media by keeping the following in mind:

Learn the respective platforms.

Because each social network is different, each has its own unique set of standards—a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work across multiple platforms. But, if you learn the nuances of each, you’ll know what content will work where. Be sure to always include your contact information on each post, so potential clients can reach out to you directly. And no matter what network you’re learning, regular interaction makes people feel like they are working with a human, and someone who understands their needs.

Keep productivity in mind.

Assigning social media duties to just one person can help keep everyone as productive as possible. It will also ensure that your message remains consistent, and will minimize confusion to any potential clients. If your company is large enough, you may even need a whole social team to create and plan posts across multiple sites.

Create a use policy.

Your social media accounts represent you, which means they are no place for beach photos or family reunions. You’ll need a social media strategy that outlines exactly what is allowed, and what is not. Even if you have a special team dedicated to your social networks, make sure everyone is aware of the policy. This way, they can help promote your brand through their own social media accounts, to better align with your goals.

Stay positive.

Be sure to stay professional and upbeat with your posts—this includes interactions with other companies’ pages and client reviews. Routinely monitor reviews and posts for negativity, but always respond in a professional manner. This is a great opportunity to show customer service, in handling social media complaints with respect, transparency and timeliness.

Share quality content.

To gain a solid following on social media, the most important thing you can do is become a resource for current and potential clients. Simply listing accomplishments or posting new listings can drive away new followers. Interact with useful information and articles, while marketing your business efforts intermittently.

Use photos and hashtags.

If possible, include a photo with your posts. Some networks, like Facebook and Twitter, often include a preview what you’re posting, which helps draw eyes to your post. This also gives other users an idea of what your post is all about and often makes them more likely to click on your page. You can also turn common words into hashtags (#ForSale, #Madison) at the end of posts, to link your post to others with similar content.

Source: HSA Home Warranty

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2016. All rights reserved.

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