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Natural Cleaning Solutions For A Spotless Living Space

By NPMGAdmin

shutterstock_171457133By Danielle Harling

While many people are quick to make a fuss over which accent piece will make their living room pop or which paint color might brighten their kitchen, it's easy to overlook something as simple as our cleaning products. The fact of the matter is, a number of go-to cleaning products can be doing more bad than good. If you think your only option is to purchase overpriced, natural cleaning products, think again. Some of the most effective cleaning products can be made at home using only a handful of ingredients.


Tile Cleaner:

The quickest way to sabotage a great-looking bathroom is to let mold run rampant. Its pesky presence can take a space from fab to drab in record time. Never underestimate the power of common, household goods when it comes to defeating mold. Baking soda and warm water alone can take care of your bathroom tile. If you need a little extra cleaning power, mix hydrogen peroxide with water to blast away mold. Just wait 45 minutes or so after spraying before you begin wiping down the mixture from your tiles.

Wooden Furniture Polish:

Dull, wooden furniture can be a major downer, and store-bought polishes don't always cut it. To bring life back to your wooden furniture, try whipping up a simple solution of lemon juice, flaxseed oil, and distilled white vinegar.

All-Natural Kitchen Cleaner:

Given that our kitchen countertops are one of the most used spaces in our homes, an all-natural cleaner is a wise choice for keeping your countertops spick and span. Vinegar is again the star of the show with this natural cleaning solution. This all-natural kitchen cleaner is made using a combination of distilled white vinegar, water, tea tree oil, and grapefruit essential oil. Thanks to the combination of tea tree and grapefruit essential oil, this cleaner is as pleasantly aromatic as it is effective.

Antiseptic Aromatherapy Room Spray:

A great smelling home is the ultimate pick-me-up. Not only does this room spray give your room a heavenly smell thanks to the addition of the natural oil(s) of your choosing, it also pulls double-duty by helping to fight icky germs. To create this room spray, simply combine distilled water with vodka and germ-fighting oil(s) of your choice (think cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary).

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

Given that the toilet is easily the ickiest place in your home to clean, one would think they'd need a barrage of chemical-heavy, cleaning supplies to tackle this chore. Not at all. In fact, a number of ingredients in toilet cleaners, like hydrochloric acid, can be quite toxic. Thankfully, this all-natural solution ditches the toxicity and calls for natural ingredients in its place. To create your own toilet bowl cleaner, combine white vinegar, lemon juice, and tea tree oil.

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