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DIY Home Office Storage & Organization Solutions

By NPMGAdmin

By Rebecca Bradshaw

shutterstock_421458340Are piles of papers, half-finished projects, and overflowing files keeping you from getting anything accomplished in your home office? Control the chaos with these quick and easy DIY home office storage and organization solutions.

Tidy up your desk:

Start your organizing project at command central—your desk. If you are like most of us, a large part of your desktop is taken up by a computer. Keep wires and USB cables out of the way and tangle free by attaching binder clips to the side of the desk and threading the wires through the top metal tab of the clip. Keep pens, staplers, and other much used tools within easy reach by creating DIY caddies out of repurposed containers such as mason jars or coffee cups. Organize bills into “Paid” and “Due” categories in labeled letter holders or wire kitchen racks that will fit on your desktop or that can be affixed to the wall above your desk.

Get your papers in order:

Before you begin organizing those piles of papers, you have to first know what’s in them. Purge, and divide into categories such as “home repair,” “kids,” and “future projects.” File papers neatly away in labeled folders which can be kept in storage boxes or magazine holders on open shelving; an inexpensive bookshelf painted to match your office décor works well. Deep, lidded baskets make a great storage solution for papers—fill with labeled file hangers to hold your paperwork, and store the baskets under the desk. Keep priority “to do” files close at hand by placing them in wall pockets or racks hung near your workstation.

Straighten up those drawers:

A little clutter goes a long way when it comes to home office chaos, and nowhere is that more true than in desk drawers. Just like your paperwork, drawers should be purged before they are organized. Designate specific drawers for office or school supplies, and use kitchen utensil holders or muffin tins to separate clips, push pins, and other items. Drawer organizing solutions meant for clothing, such as expandable holders for socks, work just as well with office supplies. Not enough drawers in your office? Recycle a small dresser or nightstand to double as office furniture; paint or refinish to suit your style.

Stay on track:

Are you perpetually late to appointments or do your kids constantly forget to turn in their homework? Use your newly organized home office to help your family stay on track. Label clips or clothes pins with the days of the week, and hang them on a cord within your line of sight. Attach notes to the appropriate day’s clip with appointment times, phone numbers, and other necessary information needed for the day. To make sure everyone walks out the door in the morning with all of their homework, permission slips, and other projects, cover clipboards in bright contact paper to hold each family member’s work, and hang them on the door of your home office—no more lost papers, and the clipboards look stylish as well!


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