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How Agents Can Achieve an Excellent Email Signature

By NPMGAdmin

by Rebecca Bradshaw

shutterstock_59020909Whether you are selling a home or marketing your business, first impressions count. Since much of your initial contact with potential clients is probably through email, ask yourself what kind of first impression your e-signature is making. Follow these tips to achieve an excellent email signature.

Be Concise

As much as you may want to share that you belong to multiple professional organizations or have won numerous sales awards, a listing of all of those tidbits in a multiline email signature will more than likely go unread by the majority of your recipients.

A successful email signature should only include your name, your title, the name of the company you work for, as well as your office and cell phone numbers. Although email addresses are often listed in e-signatures, some marketing experts suggest that it's unnecessary. There may also be other information your broker or state law might require, such as a company logo or your real estate license number. Be sure to check these elements before finalizing your signature.

Learn to Let Go

Despite the overabundance of icons which grace every bit of free space along the information highway, additions such as links to professional and personal websites, social media icons, and Calls to Action are optional when it comes to email signatures. Studies have shown that Facebook, Twitter, and other icons are rarely used when included in emails. As for websites, consider setting up a splash page that combines the professional and personal information you want to share, and only include the link to that page in your signature.

Speaking of letting go

More than one marketing professional has stated that to truly keep your sign off short and sweet, use the email setting option that automatically removes your professional signature altogether once initial correspondence has begun and you are into the reply phase.

Be Mobile Ready

Since more and more of our electronic communication is viewed on mobile devices, it’s important that your email signature is readable on all platforms. Use dashes instead of hyphens in phone numbers so it displays as an immediately clickable hyperlink. Forego using JavaScript, including auto-play videos, gifs, or photos in general. All of these can slow down how quickly your email will load, which frustrates recipients. Test whether or not the elements of your signature show up on multiple devices, and even various phone brands if possible.

If you must include photos, graphics, or logos in your signature, don’t go overboard. Sign off cleanly and concisely by combining your contact and professional information with a minimalist design; use consistent colors that pop, and include only a single thumbnail of your professional headshot.


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