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Designing an Office Space that Sparks Creativity

By NPMGAdmin

by Chris Hillman

shutterstock_452861881A workspace is a sanctuary. It is the room in which you become you. No matter what kind of work you do, your office space must support your goals and foster creative thought. Use these design concepts to rejuvenate your office into a creativity powerhouse.

Dream in color

Every room renovation requires you to think about color. Your office is not the place to subdue your colorful instincts. Reflect the greens of nature on the walls if the natural world inspires you. Maybe the hues of the urban skyline affect you more. A deep garnet could help you slip into your creative flow. Perhaps pure white helps morph your mind into a blank slate. Whatever it may be, find the color of your creativity and surround yourself with it when designing your office.

Think outside the desk

The layout of your office is a reflection of the layout of your creative brain. If furniture, cabinets, and decoration are all placed predictably, your creative output may become equally predictable. Allow your space to challenge you without hindering your work process by rearranging office elements in a circle around a central workspace. Give yourself more than one seating and work surface option. Keep your workspace adaptable to any body position with an adjustable desk. Movement sparks the imagination, so make space for it in your office.

shutterstock_386210659Remain in light

Light is nourishment for creativity. Flood your office with as much of it as possible. Choosing a bright, naturally-lit room for your office space will keep you alert and inspired. Pay attention to the room’s light at every time of day and avoid placing screens in the way of harsh glare. Include window coverings for adaptability, but use them sparingly. Also, allow for adequate, inspiring lighting after the sun goes down. When you have control over the light in your work environment, you have control of your comfort. And when you’re comfortable, you’re creative.

Keep it simple

A cluttered office breeds cluttered work. Consider the essentials of your work. What do you need every day? What can you live without? Keep decorative elements to a minimum and choose functional items that also have aesthetic flare. Avoid loud patterns and colors. Do without drawers and cabinet doors because it is easy to clutter them up and then close them off. In an office, out of sight isn’t always out of mind. When your office is filled up with unnecessary belongings, there is less room for big ideas. A minimalist workspace leaves a lot of space to fill. Fill it with creativity, not clutter.

Source: HouseBeautiful.com

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