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How to Use LinkedIn to Reach Niche Markets

By NPMGAdmin

by Jacklyn Renz

shutterstock_170100236We've all heard of the social networking site LinkedIn, which is geared specifically towards the business community. What you may have not heard is the idea of using this site and the relationships built here to reach your target market. Further still, you can grow in your specialization and reach one more network of people in your niche. Let’s take a look at a few ways to use LinkedIn to your marketing advantage.

Why Does It Work?

One interesting tidbit from data regarding social media's effectiveness showed that LinkedIn produced 3 times more leads from their visitors than Facebook and Twitter. Unlike the other social networking sites that are comprised of an array of content, such as last week’s vacation photos and political opinions, LinkedIn is focused in on business. This means that visitors log on to the site already in the business mind-set, ready to dive into pertinent content for their particular situation. Less clutter means more relevant content for the visitor, which can be used to your marketing advantage.

An Extension of Your Business

Since the eyes that lay on your LinkedIn page are more than likely people or professionals interested in working with you, be sure that your company’s page means business. Take the time to craft this page into an extension of your business, filling in full details, offering appropriate tips, and topping it off with a professional, eye-catching banner. Beyond a company page, LinkedIn offers the showcase page, which is a landing page of sorts where you can link back to your official business website. You are one of several others in your field, so it's important to stand out from the others as much as possible.

Join the Group and the Conversation

Seek out groups that fit the niche you are shooting for. Research who you are following to be sure they are offering relevant content that fits your needs. Posting pictures, blog posts, articles, news, and videos will generate more traffic to your company’s page. This builds your reputation as a respected source of information, gaining you even more access to synergic relationships. Be sure to get involved in groups that are targeted local, and use these as a platform to generate leads in your local area.

Connect One Level Deeper

Beyond following posts from afar and posting your own insights, get in a little deeper with professionals that excel within your niche. LinkedIn is a great place to seek out those who are worthy of gleaning from, based on their content, their followers, and their professional experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out with a message to seek out advice on your niche market.

There are a plethora of free business tools on LinkedIn to propel your business forward. Dig in to see how this site can help you extend your reach beyond the conventional ways.


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