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Adding Excitement Underfoot with Floor Tiling

By NPMGAdmin

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

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Are you looking to create an inspiring space, but don’t know where to start? One of our favorite ways to add instant interest is with tiling. From smooth and simple to intricate and carefully configured, tiling is a fantastic way to visually expand your space and make it all the more inviting. See below for our favorite ways to use it to up the design factor of nearly every space in the house.

Exterior: The First Impression

Everyone knows that the exterior of your space is your first impression. Guests will be evaluating your style choices, your decor and nearly everything about your home’s front yard situation. What better way to make an impact than with tile patio or walkway? Outdoor tiling adds warmth and beauty to your exterior space without drawing away from your home’s architecture and overarching style—especially when it coordinates with your interior floor tile. Large-format tiles meant to mimic the look of wood are one of our favorite styles for an outdoor space.

The Entryway: Make a Statement

Now that your guests have seen your great taste in tile on the exterior of your home, it’s time to introduce them to your fearless interior style. Starting in the entryway, express your personality with an interesting configuration, like a herringbone pattern, or opt for a bold texture choice or finish, like distressed wood grain. Because the entryway is such a small space, go for impactful design decisions to make your guests gasp with awe.

The Living Room: Get Comfortable + Cozy

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You’ve made your first impression with a thoughtful exterior view, and you’ve given your guests a peek into your personal style with a bold entryway. Once you’re in the living room, the design should flow and feel welcoming, allowing your guests to hunker down onto a sofa or chair and get cozy. Make a statement by continuing the same tile from the entryway to create visual spaciousness. Alternatively, create a completely separate space with a different configuration using the same tiles. Some popular living room tiling choices include herringbone patterns, checkerboard or a simple straight set.

The Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

While your guests are admiring the underfoot style of your living room, the kitchen is busy doubling as a work horse and a central location of the house. To fully optimize this space, choose a tile that sparkles and shines with little help. We love the look of large tiles notched at regular intervals with smaller accent tiles in a diagonal pattern or a classic modular style. Darker tiles work best in the kitchen space, as it’s home to heavy traffic and frequent spills.

Image 3The Bathroom: Star of the Show

It’s no secret that the bathroom is a no-brainer when it comes to tile. With that said, you can give your bathroom a glamorous makeover with simple and sophisticated tiling. We love a large square tile laid diagonally at the entrance. Not only does this configuration make the room seem more expansive, but it directs the eye toward a fabulous focal point, like a claw foot tub or to-die-for vanity. Keep the coloration of the space simple and sleek, using marble-like tones throughout. By keeping the tile underfoot clean and understated, you can make bolder moves in the rest of the space.

The Hallway: Unlikely Real Estate

Though the hallway is often viewed as a space to get from one exciting part of the house to the other, there’s no reason this sliver of real estate shouldn’t be incorporated into your home’s aesthetic! Add detailed tiling underfoot for a bit of drama and dimension. A great way to spice up your hallway is with in interesting pattern like windmill (a square tile surrounded by four rectangles to resemble a grid of dots) or a border detail. These configurations look their best with light and dark tiles for a fashion-forward combination.

From the outside to the inside, the bedroom to the bathroom, tile can be used to create visual interest and openness in nearly any space. How have you used floor tile to create excitement underfoot?


California interior designer Kerrie Kelly provides inspiring flooring tile recommendations to her clients and writes about tile designs for The Home Depot. To research many of the styles discussed by Kerrie, you can visit the Home Depot floor tile page online.


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