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6 Ways to Repurpose the Space Under Your Stairs

By NPMGAdmin

By Jacklyn Renz

What to do with the space under the stairs? Often times, it’s used for storing seasonal decor, rarely used items, and the occasional boy wizard. But this space has so much more untapped potential! We have gathered some ideas to repurpose this once ill shaped, toss-it-there spot to an intentional space that can be used for your daily pleasure.

Purposefully Redesigned

shutterstock_388556404To begin our journey of making the most of a tiny space, we look to the architecturally savvy for help. The typical use for the under stair void is storage. This space can be redesigned to include drawers, doors, cupboards, and shelving to keep it seamlessly organized. Consider unique hidden drawers that pull out to store shoes and coats.

Book Nook

Curl up with a novel and a cup of hot tea in your very own book nook. Shelving can be added for book storage. Use floor cushions and pillows to make your reading oasis. Build in a bench for seating with shelving underneath the area for maximum usage. Add bright lamps or take advantage of the previously wired lights. A miniature chandelier is an especially fanciful touch.

Playhouse Haven

Kids love to find the smallest of spaces, so why not turn the fun-size spot into a play space? Try recreating the front of a house, complete with kid sized door and a faux window. For a less involved project, simply add bean bags chairs, soft flooring, and toy shelves to an existing space. Depending on the size, a hanging hammock chair with children’s books can serve as a reading escape.

Pet Paradise

We love our furry friends so why not give them a room of their own? Use a pet gate or some well placed curtains to set the space apart from the rest of the home. Add beds, cat trees, doggy dishes, or litter boxes. Not only will your pet love the close quarters, but it will keep them out from under foot. Consider this space as an alternative to the kennel, gating them in just before an outing.

shutterstock_404461642The Office Space

Often times, we can’t afford to let an entire room be dedicated to office use. Here’s where the under stair space can come in handy. Build in a desk, shelving, and add a chair. Have an outlet or two installed and, voila, instant office. (As a bonus, if you work from home, the square footage is tax deductible!)

Wet Bar

For the wine enthusiast, consider designing custom wine racks to house all of your well appreciated vino. A sink, wine cooler, and rack for stemware will complete the space. A mini fridge under a countertop, cupboards for glasses, and towel hooks can house the rest of the entertainment items.

There's no need to have wasted space in your home! Use these ideas, a little elbow grease, and some purposeful touches to make the most of the space under your stairs.


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