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How Realtors® Can Grow their Brand with Social Media

By NPMGAdmin

shutterstock_226760296By Rachel Collar

Social media can be a very useful tool for Realtors® looking to make the most of their listings while creating a brand for themselves. Current statistics tell us that 80% of potential buyers are looking online! With high demands for quality detailed photos and accurate information, homebuyers' expectations are to feel connected to the agent before they ever meet in person. In order to impact productivity with social media, consistency and frequency of posting is ideal. Though there are dozens of sites to choose from, we have listed the essential few that are guaranteed to be packed with your target market.

Quick Tip: Always practice the 80/20 concept. Content should be primarily (about 80%) focused on your customer’s lifestyle and interest, with roughly 20% of posts pertaining directly to your company and listings.


With 1.49 billion users, Facebook continues to be the leading social media destination. This media hotspot is full of potential homebuyers who want to connect by seeing listings and stories about other buyers, who you have helped find their dream home. Post about local events, decorating and home articles and local real estate development. Every post should have a photo or visual aid. Sponsored and boosted ads provide an inexpensive way to broaden your audience.


Create boards about decor, home maintenance tips and communities. In turn, your followers with common interests will find your pins and expand your followers for you. Photos can be re-pinned from other users or be posted as originals. Also, this media site will connect you to an industry network and bring you closer to marketing opportunities. For more great tips on Pinterest, check out: http://socialmarketingwriting.com/19-pinterest-statistics-you-probably-dont-know-but-should-infographic/.

Quick Tip: Social media is all about photos! This means you need to invest in a smartphone that takes great pictures and has enough memory to host all of the apps necessary to become a one man/woman marketing team.


With 284 million users, Twitter can help Realtors® broaden the target audience by using keywords and hashtags that pertain to the customer interest. Hashtagging is simply listing out the phrase or word preceded by a hashtag symbol. Example: #dreamhouse. Not only is tweeting effective, hashtags can be used on other social sites to tie the post back into a Twitter account.

Quick Tip: Always reply or acknowledge your audience and follower comments! To do this, you must set up notifications on your phone and computer to keep up with the comments in real time.


Though a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. At least when it comes to online home tours. Use this site to post video of current listings or events, and consider featuring tutorials on decorating or another home-related topic that can be linked to your other social sites.


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