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Your Home Maintenance Guide for Every Season

By NPMGAdmin

by Jacklyn Renz

With every shift in the season, comes a new to-do list for the home. Just like our health care, home maintenance is best done with preventative measures, consistent upkeep, and small changes. Save money and time by checking off these to-dos for each season.

Spring Checklist

springSpringtime offers manageable weather for most regions, allowing for some much needed exterior upkeep. Give your house’s sides a good once-over, checking for holes in brick, cracks in the siding, or any other damage that could’ve happened over the winter. Inspect the foundation for any cracks, too. Silicone caulking can repair many issues.

Coming off of fall and winter storms means the roof took a beating, so inspect it for leaks or damage. Clean out the gutters while you are up there, and be sure there are no other drainage obstructions. In addition, prepare your air conditioning unit for its summer work by having it inspected and serviced by a professional.

Summer Checklist

summerDepending on your area, summertime can bring in brutal heat and humidity. Insects especially love this weather, so stay on top of pest control with a service or a do-it-yourself spray. The deck and patio will be great hangout spots, so now is the time to pressure wash and re-stain or paint as needed. Check for loose boards while you’re there.

Give your exterior vents and your dryer vents some attention by inspecting and clearing them out. Vacuum the dryer hose to clear out the lint. This is especially important since it’s a possible fire hazard. Make it a point to give your plumbing some attention, too. Check for leaky pipes, poor water pressure, and flush out any rarely used faucets.

Fall Checklist

fallThe fall season gives much of the country lovely temperate weather. Keep up with leaf raking to avoid killing your grass. Flush your hot water heater and clear out any sediment. This is a simple process, with plenty of step-by-step guides on sites such as WikiHow.com. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, seek out a pro. Like your A/C unit, your furnace will need an inspection and possible service before it goes into full swing. Cover your A/C unit with a tarp and bungees to protect it from debris build-up when not in use. If you love the crackle of the fireside, now is the time to have the chimney cleaned. Finally, inspect your driveway and seal any cracks before the winter sets in. Otherwise, frozen water can accentuate the damage.

Winter Checklist

winterAs Jack Frost makes his visit, there are a few little things to keep up with inside your home. Check grout and drains in the bathroom, and fix them as needed. Grease any noisy door hinges or sticking locks. If you have a basement, clean, dust, and inspect. Be sure that nothing got overlooked in the fall, such as opening the outdoor faucets or reinforcing leaky seals around doors or windows.

Make your own custom checklist to keep up with home maintenance year round. Plug in things to your list during the season that works best for you, like checking smoke detector batteries and vacuuming refrigerator coils. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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