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Brighten Things Up with a Greenhouse Inspired Kitchen

By NPMGAdmin

by Cat Queen

When redesigning your kitchen, what better source to look to for inspiration than a gorgeous greenhouse? Celebrated for their clean lines, generous lighting, and lush greenery, greenhouses have long impressed designers interested in balancing functionality and natural charm. Read on to learn how you can transform your current kitchen into a botanical wonderland.

Focus on light and greenery

Today’s greenhouse-inspired kitchens begin with a simple base of neutral tones. Keep walls and surfaces relatively plain to let natural light and lavish plants be the focal point. Concrete or butcher block counter tops, both bold design choices in their own right, will blend seamlessly into your nursery-themed space without stealing the spotlight. Remember that with a hothouse kitchen, natural light and gorgeous greenery are key!

Take advantage of your windows

Kitchens with ample windows and natural lighting are obviously ideal for a greenhouse makeover. But just because you don’t have huge panes of glass or dramatic skylights doesn’t mean you can’t bring the warmth and vibrant color of a traditional hothouse into your home.

Make the most of your existing windows by installing glass shelving to create a faux greenhouse box. Use your new shelves to proudly display small potted herbs and cuttings where they can receive the most direct sunlight.

Upgrade accents

Replacing your wooden cabinet doors with clear or opaque glass ones, and hanging vintage window frames on empty walls can also go a long way to giving your kitchen the open, airy feel of a proper conservatory.

Terracotta pots, which can be purchased in varieties of sizes and colors to match your style and taste, continue the simple, classic greenhouse feel.  Visit your local plant nursery to find other modest garden accents that can double as containers for culinary tools: small wooden crates, metal buckets, and linen grow bags work perfectly for counter-top storage. Stained glass and mosaic tile pieces, if not overdone, can add more subtle charm and color to your space.

Bring in the green

Of course, no greenhouse inspired kitchen could be complete without plants! Small container gardens of succulents and air plants are perfect for counters and shelves alike—no green thumb required. Herbs that are easy to grow indoors, like basil, parsley, mint, dill, and rosemary, make lovely window boxes and will be wonderfully convenient to fetch when a recipe calls. Peppers, tomatoes, garlic, radishes, and even lettuce can all be grown right in your kitchen, so you can line your shelves with useful, edible décor! Another alternative that won’t take up much room is to create a vertical wall garden. You can purchase pre-made boxes or build your own!

If space is an issue—or if you just don’t have time to take care of so many plants—select artfully framed pressed flowers or botanical drawings to hang on your walls. Knobs and drawer pulls with plant-themed designs will also bring the look together smoothly.

Whether you plan to completely renovate or simply redecorate, be inspired by the beauty and simplicity of greenhouses to brighten your kitchen.

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