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Five Ways To Get Your Home In Order This Fall Without Breaking The Bank

By NPMGAdmin

By Yuka Kato

Fall is one of the busiest times of year for home improvements. With the coming cool weather and holidays, many homeowners get inspired each year to tackle projects around the house that can make their properties warmer, more energy efficient, and better looking for those incoming holiday guests. These 5 projects will help you get your home in order this fall, and without breaking the bank.

Renew your home’s color with exterior painting

Paint does more than simply brighten up your home; it also adds a protective layer against the elements, while enhancing your curb appeal. The cooler, drier weather in fall is a great time of year to paint your exterior, allowing the paint to cure before the cold and snow set in, protecting your wood siding from damage. While painting your entire exterior costs around $2,500 to $3,000, keep in mind that the trim is the area that usually needs attention first; paint this area for around $500 to $1,000 and save, while still sprucing up your exteriors.

Protect your roof with clean gutters

Falling leaves and pine needles can quickly clog up your gutters at this time of year. And clogged gutters are one of the biggest factors in winter roof issues, as water that can’t drain properly may back up beneath your shingles, causing leaks, as well as ice dams that can damage your roof.

Cleaning your gutters costs around $100 - $140, and can help protect your home from leaks this winter.

home in order this fallPrevent roof replacements by fixing leaks

A leaking roof can be a major problem. Not only are water leaks inconvenient, they can also lead to issues like mold, mildew, and wood rot if not fixed in a timely way. A leaking roof that isn’t repaired can also lead to the need for a total roof replacement - something that can cost up to $6,000 if left too long, compared to just $650 for repairs. Repair the leaks in your roof before the snow and ice arrive for the winter. You’ll help avoid complications from roof leaks, particularly those caused by melting snow and ice.

home in order this fallLower energy bills with attic insulation

Many homes are underinsulated, which means that you could be paying more in energy bills than you need to be. Adding attic insulation is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient, and higher in value at the same time. Attic insulation recoups a whopping 107.7% at the time of resale, making this one of the best home improvements you can make. Add insulation to your attic in the fall to help lower your energy bills this coming winter for about $400.

Have your heating system serviced before cold arrives

If your heat system isn’t working at optimum condition, then you could be spending more on your energy bills than you need to be. Clogged air ducts or a furnace in need of repair could be causing it to work harder than it needs to, using more energy to heat your home. Have your heat system serviced in the fall, before you turn it on for the first time this winter to make sure it’s working properly. Cleaning your air ducts costs around $300 to $500 and can help ensure your furnace is working efficiently while having repairs made costs between $1,000 and $1,700 for the most common issues.

Get Your Home in Order this Fall

The lower temperatures and humidity make fall a great time to work on projects in and around the home. And with the coming winter looming, it makes sense to take care of those areas that can increase your comfort and efficiency at the same time. Get your home in good condition these fall with these five projects and be ready for the winter that follows.

home in order this fall

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