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How To Create Storage With No Designated Linen Closet

By NPMGAdmin

By Becky Harris, Houzz

When I was planning my recent bathroom renovation, I knew that one of my issues was towel storage. In my existing situation, they wound up smushed in the vanity underneath the sink’s P-trap, crowded by cleaning supplies and hair appliances. So I turned to Houzz photos for solutions. Here are some of the best ideas I found.

linen closet Nina Farmer Interiors, original photo on Houzz

Open Vanity Shelving

With the wide variety of ready-made vanities as well as custom work available, there are all sorts of configurations where open towel storage is part of the vanity. Here’s a lesson from the beautiful photo styling we see on Houzz every day: Neatly folded matching towels are the way to go with this solution. The next few photos illustrate various configurations. See if any of them suit your style.

linen closet Maisons du Monde UK, original photo on Houzz

With baskets

If you don’t have time for that Martha Stewart-esque perfect folding and you like your towels more hidden, you can put baskets on the vanity’s open shelves.

In this bathroom, the wicker baskets add to the beachy vibe, playing off the jute rug and wooden table.

You may opt for loose baskets or for basket drawers on sliders.

linen closet Rafe Churchill, original photo on Houzz

 Casually Collected

An attractive basket, tote bag or box is a good chance to bring texture, color and an eclectic touch into the bathroom. Rolling up the towels into what I call “towel logs” is the best way to store them in a slouchy container like this.


linen closet Ecraft, original photo on Houzz 


A row of hooks can add a functional and decorative element to a blank wall. But if you will be mixing your damp towels with your fresh ones on a rack like this, make sure the wall behind it can stand up to moisture.

linen closet Zita Vito, original photo on Houzz

Freestanding Furniture

In a larger bathroom, a freestanding piece like an étagère can make your bathroom more interesting and provide a lot of storage. If you don’t want to worry about folding everything neatly, consider a shelf that incorporates doors or drawers in its design.


linen closet Corian Design UK, original photo on Houzz

Recessed Niches

This towel nook is a compelling part of the thoughtful, clean-lined architecture of this bathroom.

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