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5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Home That Will Make It More Comfortable and Organized

By NPMGAdmin

By Yuka Kato

Each January as the calendar page turns over on a new year, most people will take a look at their lives and resolve to make changes for the better in the months ahead. And while most people tend to focus on things like getting healthy, there are many other resolutions that can improve your life as well, including those that can make your home healthier, happier, and better organized.

These five projects will help you make the most of your home this year:

Pare Down Clutter

Many people can take a look around their homes and see countless things that need improving. By taking the time to declutter your home, you also help bring those other projects into greater focus. After all, if you can really see the state of the walls, floors, and layout you can make better decisions about what to do with these areas.

If you have a lot of clutter you need to remove, consider renting a dumpster, for around $530 to help get it out more efficiently.

resolutions for your homeMoney Saving Tip

If you have a lot of items in good condition, consider calling a local thrift shop or community center. Often, you can donate items for a tax deduction and some places will also haul it away for free.

Give Your Kitchen a Mini-Makeover

The kitchen is where many people spend the bulk of their time at home. If your kitchen is looking a little worn or outdated, this can mean that you won’t be comfortable, organized, or happy. A quick mini-makeover can solve a lot of those issues. Consider repainting walls and cabinets to brighten the space, and replace any of the following if they are too worn - appliances, countertops, or flooring. Invest in some new kitchen organizing equipment, and you can have a more functional and better-equipped kitchen for under $2,000.

resolutions fro your homeMoney Saving Tip

Paint the walls and cabinets in your kitchen yourself to save the painter’s fee.

Put Radiant Heat Flooring in Your Bathroom

There’s nothing worse that stepping from a warm shower onto a cold tile floor. So, why not install new radiant heat flooring in your bathroom to make the room more comfortable on cold days?

Radiant heat electric floor mats are fast and easy to install. A mat sized to the average bathroom costs only about $200, plus tile and installation. The flooring you install in the bathroom is also ideally suited to this type of heat, making it a great way to add comfort and style at the same time.

resolutions for your homeMoney Saving Tip

Don’t install the mat all the way to the edges of the room. Shrink it down so it covers only those areas you’ll be standing on to save the difference.

Add Insulation

If there’s one home improvement you take on this year, make it adding insulation to your home. Many homes are underinsulated using more energy than they should. Adding insulation can recoup you as much as 108% at time of resale, and costs only about $400 on average, while lowering your bills and making you more comfortable at the same time, making this a great investment in any home.

Money Saving Tip

Install non-fiberglass roll or batt insulation yourself in the attic to save on fees.

Install a Backup Generator

With the many natural disasters that have hit the country this year, many homeowners are making resolutions to protect themselves in the future. One way you can do so is to install a backup generator for your home.

Generators will help you maintain power in the event of a disaster, bringing much-needed peace of mind. The average generator costs about $12,000, and can recoup about 54% at time of resale.

Money Saving Tip

Talk to your energy provider; many propane and gas companies will provide a discount to existing customers.

Improve Your Home in the New Year

There are countless projects you can take on this year. If you’re wondering where to begin, consider starting with these five projects to get your year off to a good start, making your home more comfortable and better organized.

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