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Why To Include Barn Doors At Home

By NPMGAdmin

Barn doors seem to be becoming more and more popular. We’re seeing lots of builders include them in their upgrade options. Renovators and sprucing up their interiors with barn doors, too. Not only are they rustic and comforting, but they save tons of space in your home. If you’re worried about your home not being a farmhouse style, these specialty doors are completely versatile. Whether your style is eclectic, classic, modern, or midcentury, there are barn doors for you.
barn doors

Photo courtesy of Barrett Renovation

Barn doors are a great space-saver. Used as a pantry door, they keep the clutter out of your kitchen. With no door swinging back and forth, there’s not only more space in the kitchen, but no marks on the walls! If you live in a home with small children, you know the dangers of slamming a finger in a door. There’s no worries about that when choosing a barn door.

“I think they are perfect for areas where you want the flexibility to close off from public view,” says Courtney Rogers, a design expert for Edward Andrews Homes. “They do require additional wall space on either side of the opening, so confirming that there is ample space for the door is key.”

Other things to consider when thinking about adding a barn door, is the sound transfer when shutting the door. It may be a little louder than a traditional door, so make sure they go in a place where you don’t mind hearing the slide. Barn doors are often seen as entrances to entertainment rooms, pantries, closets, and even bedrooms and bathrooms.


Banks Pointe by HHHunt Homes

“The barn door style is perfect for a farmhouse, a contemporary house or (my favorite) the contemporary farmhouse,” adds Tracy Kay Griffin, a design expert with Express Homebuyers, a company that purchases homes in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. “But quite frankly, it is so versatile it can go in any type of house.” It all comes down to picking the material, finish, and hardware. Choose a material that will reflect the style of your home, like metal for a modern style, or distressed or natural wood for a rustic style. The finish and color, if you choose a wooden door, can also change the look of your barn doors.

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