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Dust Bunnies, Bacteria, and Dirt…Oh My!

by Jacklyn Renz

Mastering the Balancing Act: Mothers in the Workforce

Commentary by Desirée Patno

Average Time to Close a Loan Drops to 46 Days

Time to close all loans decreased to 46 days, the shortest time to close since May 2015, according to the latest Origination Insight Report released[…]

Clearing Out the Gutters

by Jacklyn Renz

The Buzz on Your Home’s Electrical System

by Jacklyn Renz

Doing Away with Pesky Pests

by Jacklyn Renz

The Not-So-Hard Truth on Repairing Concrete Driveway Cracks

by Jacklyn Renz

Kitchen Counsel: Tips to Keep That Stainless Steel Shining

By Nick Caruso

Winning: Mortgage Rates Look Good for Spring Buying Season

Mortgage rates moved higher for the second week in a row, while also only posting the second increase this year. This makes mortgage rates very[…]

Home Inspections Pave the Way to Smoother Real Estate Transactions

By Keith Loria

Communication Breach In The Workplace Revealed

In the workplace, "come in and shut the door" usually precedes a tough conversation and is a phrase known to strike terror in the hearts of[…]

Study: Women Entrepreneurs Surge in Top 25 Largest U.S. Cities

The Center for an Urban Future published a new study, with support from Capital One's Future Edge initiative, that reveals a dramatic surge in women[…]

Selling Throughout The Seasons

by Jacklyn Renz

Secrets to Successful Home Staging

One of the first and most important steps when listing your home for sale is to make it appealing to all potential buyers. Staging will help to[…]

4 Outdoor Furniture Style Trends

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

The Comeback Continues: U.S Housing Market On the Rise

The U.S. housing market continues to improve as Florida and Arizona enter their outer range of stable housing activity, according to a recently[…]

10 Landscape Trends that Conserve Water

Homeowners are expected to incorporate sustainable, water-saving features into their landscapes in the year ahead, as conservation takes root in[…]

Flooring 101 - The Basics from Hardwoods to Laminates

by Jacklyn Renz

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