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The Real Estate Book Blog

5 Questions to Ask an Agent during a Listing Presentation

By Maria Patterson

Americans Willing to Pay More to Live Near Public Transit

Nearly three in four Americans (73 percent) would support changes in land use or zoning regulations in their community that encourage transit[…]

5 Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your First Home

By Sean Hansen

Mixing Patterns & Prints for a Great First Impression

by Chris Hillman

Personality Traits of a Successful Realtor®

by Chris Hillman

Mortgage Volume Rises in First Quarter of 2016

Total mortgage volume increased in Q1 2016 when compared to opening quarters in previous years, according to Equifax Inc.'s May 2016 National[…]

The Smart Home Takes a Swim

Get Inspired by These Design Trends from Around the World

By Erin Davis

How to Create Real Estate Listings That Sell

By Chris Stoddart

Cheaper by the Dozen: Homebuying Tips for Large Families

By Dixie Somers

Gated Community Homes Demand Higher Prices

Homes in gated communities command significantly higher prices – almost $30,000 on average – but these neighborhoods’ additional amenities can also[…]

Preparing Your Pool for Home Showings: Look Beyond the Water

By Keith Loria Having a beautiful pool can be a great selling point on a hot day when buyers are looking at your home, but having blue water is just[…]

4 Ways to Update Your Digital Persona

By Claire Wiese

The Real Estate Professional's SEO Guide for Using Keywords

By Brad Shorr Keyword selection is the heart of an SEO campaign. If you select the wrong keywords, most or all of your subsequent campaign investment[…]

How to Start a Container Garden

Ideal for inexperienced gardeners or those who have limited space to plant, container gardens add life to a landscape without requiring extensive[…]

Hurricane Safety Tips for Summer

Hurricane season is upon residents in coastal areas around the country, but there are months to go before season’s end. There’s still time to prepare!

Five Ways You Can Style Your Energy-Efficient Windows

By Paul Kazlov

The Best Housing Markets for Growth & Stability in 2016

By Amanda Dixon

Five Key Questions to Ask Every New Client

By Barbara Pronin

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