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Ring in the New Year With New Flooring

By NPMGAdmin

One of your home’s most noticeable design elements is actually right under your feet. Whether you realize or not, your choice for flooring has a critical impact on the entire look and feel of every room in the house. And with the new year, it’s time for you to look at your flooring and see if a new style would be right for you.

Unlike a lot of other home projects, you can put in new flooring during the
colder months. Refresh your floor style with some of these ideas:

Go with a lighter hardwood. Wood floors will never go out of style, but lighter-toned hardwoods with smooth, matte finishes are becoming more popular. 4-5-inch widths are also popular.

Choose a natural finish. Natural finishes for wood floors are also rising in popularity over stained wood floors. To achieve the natural look, the wood is oxidized with minerals that react with tannins in the wood to create color.

Gray is here to stay. Gray is a popular color in home décor, and gray wood flooring is no exception. Shades of gray run the gamut, from light gray, to driftwood to darker rustic hues. Gray wood floors look great in a kitchen, especially when paired with white cabinetry.

Hardwood in bathrooms. Many home-owners are also opting for hardwood floors in bathrooms, especially a distressed or antique look that adds a unique warmth. If opting for hardwood in the bathroom, it’s a good idea to finish floor areas where puddles may form – such as outside of the shower or tub – with tile.

Blend with dark carpeting. Dark colors are popular in carpeting – colors such as black, charcoal, or jewel tones like ruby red or emerald green. These rich colors play well with warm woods when used for stair runners or area rugs in bedrooms and living spaces. Opt for low-profile, patterned carpets over thicker, shag varieties.

So, while you’re spending time indoors this winter, focus on the flooring and play with some of these style ideas in your head. Consider refreshing your flooring in the new year to give your home a style boost and contact your home contractor or local flooring company for samples and more great ideas.

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