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Don’t Wait for Winter: Service Your Furnace or Boiler Now

By NPMGAdmin

Late fall or early winter is the time most of us begin to crank up our heat, hoping to get toasty right away. But if you have a boiler or furnace, that heat could not be working come the chilly part of the year. That’s why it’s important not to wait until the last minute to service your heating system.

Lots of homeowners have good intentions when it comes to scheduling maintenance, but it’s easy to forget things like tune-ups when your equipment is still operating correctly. It only becomes an issue when something breaks or fails. The last thing anyone wants however, is to be without heat when the temperatures are below freezing.

So, while its on your mind now, schedule a tune-up for your furnace or boiler. You’ll also beat the crowd in getting it done now, as opposed to waiting until the weather cools. Additionally, there’s many other reasons to tune up your system:

Prevent frozen pipes. It’s not unusual for homeowners to lower the thermostat while they’re away from home. However, residents should maintain a regular temperature in their home—around 65 degrees—to avoid bursting or frozen pipes.

It prolongs the life of your furnace. Regular maintenance can keep your furnace working at maximum efficiency and actually lengthen the life of the equipment. And you might not know this but skipping annual maintenance can often void a manufacturer’s warranty. So not only are you hurting the system, you’re potentially hurting your wallet.

It helps you stay safe. Most furnaces are gas-burning, which produces carbon monoxide. A leak could prove dangerous or even fatal. During routine maintenance, a technician will take preventative measures to ensure this can’t happen, such as changing the filter and giving the furnace a thorough cleaning. Install a carbon monoxide detector as well if you don’t have one already.

So, before the cold weather comes in the coming months, contact your local heating
company to come perform a furnace or boiler check-up. You’ll thank yourself later.

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