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If you think a mansion-like size, a swanky neighborhood or lavish grounds are the only way to impress visitors to your home, think again. While those characteristics can certainly be awe-inspiring, it’s really the small details that create ‘wow’ moments for guests. Consider some of the following ideas for evoking oohs and aahs from guests or would-be buyers if your home is on the market:


1. Lighting
No matter how small or ordinary your house may seem, the right lighting will create mounds of atmosphere and immediately elevate your home into the ‘wow’ category. Use bulbs that are the right temperature to create a warm, glowing effect as opposed to a glaring, harsh experience. Then place your lighting strategically to highlight the most unique features of your home, such as two sconces or lanterns by your front door, or ground lights shining up into beautiful trees. Pathway lights help create a welcoming feel and string lights on a porch or patio instantly up the entertainment factor.

2. Paint
The right paint color will completely change the feel of your home, both inside and out. While neutrals are both attractive and safe, being a little daring with on-trend shades will really evoke the ‘wow.’ Try one of the many popular shades of gray, go bold with a jewel tone, or create a moody tone with a muted shade of blue. Also think outside the box when it comes to how you paint—for example, instead of bright white, paint the ceiling an eye-popping color; or create a patterned effect with painted stripes in a powder room. Go for a dramatic look in the kitchen by painting upper cabinets white and lower cabinets deep navy or charcoal.

3. Materials
Using interesting building materials in surprising places is a great way to spark interest. Try framing the interior of your front door in stone or using tongue-and-groove wood planks for a bay windowsill. Flooring is available in many unique options, such as ceramic tiles or laminates that mimic beautifully shaded wood.

4. Decoratives
The easiest way to instantly create a ‘wow’ moment is by showcasing your most prized decorative pieces. Show off a painting or photograph with a bold matting and frame, and add a picture light if appropriate. Incorporate special antique furnishings into the mainstream mix of your home, as opposed to hiding them in out-of-the way places. Fill your sparkling crystal vases with fresh blooms or greenery and place them in the center of your dining and coffee table to be admired by all rather than letting them go unnoticed in the china cabinet.

5. Gardens
If you’ve got a green thumb, your biggest ‘wow’ factor may be your home’s landscaping. A beautifully planted, well-maintained garden is a sight to behold no matter how small it may be or how large your yard. Help showcase your garden with carefully placed decoratives, such as a bird bath, trellis, slate path or stone bench. This will add a welcoming, artistic feel to your patch of landscape.


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