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Having a large family can be great, but if there is one “drawback” it’s that you will need more space in a home to meet everyone’s needs and keep them comfortable. With a large family, you’ll need a larger house, because a home with three bedrooms and one bathroom isn’t going to cut it. You will need to look for homes with as much living and storage space as possible.

To help in your search for a home, consider looking for a house with the following features:

Look for a Big Yard

A bigger yard provides room for all of your kids’ activities. Younger children can play on a play set, while older kids practice sports. If you have a family pet or pets, the larger yard is better for them too to run around and play. A large yard is also perfect for having friends over or for large family gatherings in the summer.


Find a Home with a Finished Basement or Attic

With younger children, having one of these rooms is perfect to have as their playroom – a place where the kids can play without you having to worry about the good living room furniture getting messed up. And when your kids get older, a space like this will allow them privacy and room to have friends over. And later on, when a child is home from college, or even living at home for a bit post-graduation, these spaces are ideal for providing a feeling of “their own space.”

At Least Four Bedrooms

While younger children can share bedrooms, older kids will need a room to themselves. If you can afford to, having a bedroom for each child is the way to go. Also, private or shared bathrooms for the kid’s rooms will help make getting ready in the morning easier for everyone in the house.

A Large Garage or Driveway

A two car garage will allow both parents to keep their cars free from the elements and off the street. A large garage will also provide storage space for things like sports equipment. And as your kids get older and get cars of their own, a large driveway will provide parking space and room to come and go.


To help in your search for a larger home to fit your large family, enlist the help of a trusted real estate company and realtor to help find the right home.



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