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You gave it your best effort. You’ve been trying to sell your home throughout the winter and holiday season. If your efforts were unsuccessful, don’ t despair. Spring is on the horizon, and with it comes a renewed opportunity to sell your home at your desired asking price.

First, instead of letting your home languish on the market even further in these early months of the year, the best idea may be to take it off the market and get it in prime condition for the upcoming flood of spring buyers. Further, if your home’s days on market have really started to add up, it could turn buyers away, as most want to see the freshest possible listings. If a buyer sees a house that has been on the market for a while, they could wonder if something is wrong with it.

So, to help your home stand out among the competition this spring, follow these following tips:

Make it shine.

Springtime means sunshine, so take advantage of all that natural light by making sure your windows and mirrors are sparkling clean inside and out. When spring comes, open your blinds.

Focus on yard clean-up.

Rake any leftover leaves, trim bushes, remove dead branches and cut back any vegetation that’s blocking pathways, doors and windows. You want your yard and home to feel open and accessible. Removing branches will also protect your home during winter weather.

Transform the lawn.

Don’ t just mow in the standard fashion. Go with a diagonal pattern, which tends to make yards look larger. Invest time in edging around garden beds, patios and pathways, as well, for a clean, manicured look.

Plant bulbs.

Did you know that yellow flowers stimulate buying urges? Plant daffodils and tulips in containers near entryways or to use as centerpieces on patio furniture.

Tend to window coverings.

Squeaky clean windows will go to waste if they’re covered by dusty coverings. Send your drapes to the cleaners and wash or dust blinds. Less is more when it comes to windows – go with airy sheer curtains instead of heavy ones.

Bring spring indoors.

Come springtime, your yard will be full of wonderful options for adding a pop of color and fragrance to your interior decor. Make a fragrant arrangement of flowers to put on display. The effect is powerful on potential buyers.

By following these tips and beginning your preparation now, your home will be buyer ready once spring rolls around.


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