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The digital world is vast, and it seems like we’re always connected to it. But when you want to reach as wide an audience as possible, it’s important not to overlook one of the most straightforward and consistently cost-efficient methods of attracting new clients: good old direct marketing.

Contrary to mainstream opinion, print is alive and well. If you want to make a splash in a fun and unique way, keep reading.

Why Print Marketing Works

When they talk about email marketing, many people gloss over the simple fact that’s it’s much more expensive. Even with digital technology being what it is today, print marketing consistently costs less to produce. Especially if you’re working independently, saving a few extra dollars is nothing to sneeze at.

Along with its lower cost, it also brings in more replies than email. Think about it: how many emails have you received that you deleted immediately, or sent straight to your spam or junk folder without even reading them? Print advertising works because more of the people who receive it actually read it. In particular, recent reports tell us that millennials especially love to read letters and pamphlets.

Some Things to Consider

While direct mail advertising will continue to be valuable to any real estate business, it’s still important to have a solid strategy. One thing that consumers tend to appreciate above all else is honesty. Nobody likes it when marketers try to trick them. Make sure to be upfront with your audience – they’ll respect you for it.

It pays to be consistent. Sending too much at once gives people the wrong idea. If you create a schedule, your soon-to-be customers will learn what to expect from you. There are also good and bad times to send out mail during the year, so keep up with the latest trends and you’ll knock it out of the park.

And as a general rule, it’s always better to make your designs original. After all, you want to stand out from the crowd. Think about what makes you unique, and highlight those qualities. Make a great first impression, and show people that you mean business. Your readers (and potential customers!) will appreciate it.


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