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By Eric Murrell

Selling a home can be a whirlwind. From finding the right real estate agent to getting your home ready for showings and presenting the most value to buyers, there are a number of things to think of as you go through the process of listing your home.

One thing you might not be thinking of is what role your security system can play in both your home’s selling value, as well as how it can add value to your next destination. Here are a few things to evaluate as you navigate the moving process and look at your security options for the future.

Use Your System as a Selling Point

Whether you’re selling your home yourself or working with an agent, one part of the process you don’t want to skip is making the most of your home’s perks and features to attract its next owner (and hopefully get you a higher selling price). If your home is pre-wired for a security system, don’t forget to highlight that feature among its selling points. Existing wiring can be a big perk for potential buyers who are looking to bring their own wired security products with them; no one wants to drill additional holes or open up walls in their pristine new abode.

If you have a WiFi-enabled system, potential buyers may find huge value in having the opportunity to create their own customized smart home, complete with security and automation. Make sure to demonstrate how the system works and highlight the potential for customization and remote access.

Talk to Your Security Provider

If your current security system relies on monitoring or a monthly subscription, contact your security provider early on in the moving process. Ask them about transferring services to a new owner, in addition to setting you up with the service in your new home. You might be surprised to find that these companies will often provide discounted or free security products for your next home if you don’t mind signing a reasonable service contract. Moving is always a great time to negotiate a cheaper monitoring rate or bundle it with other services, like TV and internet as your local service provider may offer home security and home automation solutions.

Take Portable Products with You

If you’ve outfitted your home with WiFi-connected smart cameras and smart lights, you’ll find that many of those products can easily make the move with you. Typically, all that’s involved is unplugging the gadget (or removing it from a wall mount) and finding a convenient spot for it in your new home. You may need to go through the setup process again in the product’s smartphone app and then add it to your smart home hub, but you’ll likely get back to a full security setup at your new home in no time.

If you do take your products with you, don’t forget to update the address in your products’ user accounts to reflect your new location. Many of these cameras and services offer one-tap emergency dialing as a feature, and you don’t want to send the police to the wrong location in the midst of an emergency.

Use Moving as an Opportunity to Upgrade

If you love the latest gadgets, moving may be a great opportunity to leave outdated (and expensive) security services behind and upgrade to the latest products and services which your local internet service provider may offer. The smart home revolution has seen a variety of compelling new security products enter the marketplace, and many companies have stepped up to the plate to offer security monitoring and cameras at a price that’s far more competitive than what the security stalwarts tend to offer. Shop around and look for a customized solution that’s the best fit for your family and easy to use.

Moving is a busy time, but don’t neglect to think through your security setup as part of the process. It’s an easy way to add value for potential buyers and upgrade your family’s safety at the same time.

Eric Murrell is a software developer and technology contributor to Xfinity Home. He enjoys sharing tips on how people can benefit from incorporating automation and security in their homes on his blog At Home in the Future.  


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