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Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

By NPMGAdmin

When you’re stuck inside the house this winter with not much to do, you might be wishing that there was a home improvement project that you could complete – but what? Work on the exterior is probably not going to happen, and tasks like painting might require some windows open. But one area of your home that could probably use some sprucing up is your laundry room. And the great thing is, many of these practical tasks can be easily knocked out this winter!

Consider the following tips:

Add a countertop.

If you have a front-loading washer or dryer, you can add a countertop above them to create the look of a larger space. At the same time, you’ll have a smooth flat surface for folding your laundry or pretreating stains.

Set aside drying space.

Provide space for drying by installing a tension rod – just like you would use to hang a curtain or shower curtain. When you pull clothes from the wash or dryer, place them on hangers, and hang on your rod to air dry, or prepare to put away. Once everything is dry, you can easily transfer them back to your closet. Then take down the rod and tuck it away.

You can further expand your drying space by attaching drying racks to your walls that fold out when needed.

Add shelving.

Avoid shelving that can make an already cramped laundry room feel claustrophobic. If you’re small on space, don’t add a cabinet or something that will take up even more. If you need shelving, consider the thin, wired variety. Alternatively, try hooks to hang your ironing board, or a pegboard if you need space to hang clothes. Save even more space by mounting a fold-out ironing board with an upper shelf to store your iron higher up on the wall. Just make sure the iron has room to cool down.

Another potential storage option is to install pedestal drawers directly underneath your washer and dryer to place cleaning supplies, extra towels or anything that can stand to get a little warm from the dryer.

Other quick ways to spruce up your laundry room are to add storage bins or baskets for detergents, dryer sheets and the like; swap out cabinet door handles and knobs for new; and if you have a window, add new drapes. There’s lots of possibility!

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