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What Should You Be Including in Your Listing Price?

By Kellen Owings

So, you’ve decided to list your home on the market. You've probably enlisted the help of a realtor, or at least researched what other comparable homes in your area are going for. You probably have a good idea of what your home is worth, but are you considering all the factors to include in your listing? Consider the following items, and make sure you’re accounting for them in your listing price.

Window Treatments

When you move into your new dwelling, you're not going to be taking your window treatments with you. But while you're in your current home, it's worth setting aside a few hundred dollars to replace the blinds, shutters and curtains. For a truly modem, convenient touch, install motorized shades that can be opened and closed with the touch of a button. When you're selling your home, you can include these updated window treatments, and their installation, in your price.


Appliances can be tough to move, especially if they're built into your kitchen or laundry room. Instead of planning to take them with you, include them in the price of your home. A word of caution: ensure the appliances match, are (relatively) new, are cleaned and look immaculate.

If you're in a pricey neighborhood, buyers want move-in ready homes stocked with higher-end appliances. Spring for expensive brands, and you may be able to get more money for your home when you sell.


Some buyers are looking for a truly turnkey home that's completely furnished, especially in fast-moving cities like LA or New York. The furniture they see staged at your open house will help them achieve that, and they'll likely be willing to pay extra for it. By selling your furniture and decor with your house, you may be able to increase the price of your listing.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are usually customized for a space, so it’s better to leave them in your house. To sell them with your home, go with modern fixtures that keep the space well lit. Avoid harsh fluorescent lights and choose LED bulbs instead, which can make a room look brighter while saving energy.


Many potential buyers have kids or plan on having kids, especially if they're first-time homebuyers. Even if your own kids have outgrown swing sets and play areas, consider keeping them in the yard. They have the potential to increase the price of your home.

By taking these items into consideration during your listing process, you might be able to demand more for your home than you previously thought.

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