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As the marketing experts say, content is king. It’s effective, it’s cost-efficient, and most importantly, prospects find it interesting. Just look at the facts:

  • Content generates three times more potential clients than outbound ads and costs 62 percent less.  
  • It converts six times better than traditional marketing 
  • Websites with blog content get 434% more indexed pages on search engines. 
  • Businesses that post at least 16 times a month get 4.5 times more traffic than those posting less than five articles per month.

So why isn’t everyone sharing posts every other day? Simply put, it’s difficult to pull off. More than 60 percent of marketers have trouble creating engaging content, and 60 percent can’t do it consistently enough to benefit.  

It’s as true in real estate as it is anywhere else. Content brings in leads, but how do you keep up and still tackle everything else on your to-do list? It is possible, but like most successful marketing techniques, it requires you to think outside the box.  

Share, Share, Share! 

Industry thought leaders like Leslie Carruthers, president and founder of The Search Guru, know how hard it can be for entrepreneurs to stay in the content game. She advises small businesses to share and re-publish content that’s already out there

Of course, that doesn’t mean plagiarize! It means keeping your eyes open and sharing content that will speak to your audience. For example: 

This way, you can cement yourself as the agent that shares helpful information, without the time commitment of writing it yourself. 

Be Relevant

Want to know if you’ve found a good content piece? Look at the title. Do you feel like you need to read it right now? 

Relevance and timeliness are key in today’s sea of marketing content. And it’s within the reach of all real estate agents, even the ones without the time to write lengthy market reports.

Instead, share articles that have to do with home buying or selling in a particular season. Buyers and sellers have different needs in summer than in winter. Think about what they’d appreciate this week or this month. 

Don’t limit yourself to seasonal buying and selling tips. Remember that sellers are homeowners, and buyers are at least aspiring to home ownership. Look for content like: 

These kinds of posts are timely and resonate with more than one type of client. A win-win.

Target Different Client Profiles

Even if you target buyers or sellers in particular, each person who reads your content will have different needs. Think about all the people who bought from you or sold through you in the past. They might not be ready to buy or sell again yet, but they may in the future. Or they might know someone who needs an agent.    

Stay present in their minds with some evergreen content that reminds them of you, but make sure it’s related to their current needs. Otherwise, they won’t open it. Homeowner content is a great place to start, so look for articles about things like: 

Content creators are producing pieces like this every day, so stay plugged in.

How to Make It Work

Personalize it. You’ll need to inject some of yourself into each post, so include a brief introduction every time. Why do you like this content? Why do you think your prospects will like it?  

Share content you love. To get other people excited, you have to be excited too. The Real Estate Book has hundreds of posts and is adding new ones all the time. You’re bound to find gems that are just right for your clients. 

Invite comments. Shared blog posts are great ways to start conversations. If you see something that’s relevant to your client base and might spark a discussion or inspire people to share stories, ask for contributions. Has someone had a bad experience with an iBuyer? Post this article and ask the audience. Want to know how other agents keep their businesses growing? Post on your social media asking them to share ideas. 

Intersperse original content. This doesn’t have to be time-intensive. If you have a new seller, post some enticing photos and link to the listing. If you made a big sale, ask the buyer if you can write a congratulatory post with them holding a “sold” sign.  

The Takeaway

Introducing an effective content strategy doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Just by staying in touch with what real estate industry thought leaders are creating, you can build the kind of connections and credibility that will win you clients.


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