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Ring in the New Year With New Flooring

One of your home’s most noticeable design elements is actually right under your feet. Whether you realize or not, your choice for flooring has a[…]

Sell Your Home In The Quickest Way Possible

Originally posted on Dave Ramsey's Blog

Calming Hues to Paint Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a calm, peaceful place meant for rest. You may already know that the temperature of your bedroom can impact your sleep, but[…]

8 Quick Tips to Giving Your Front Porch a Facelift

By Jackie Greene

Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

By Benjamin Dias, College Station Real Estate 

Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

These Technological Advances Are Shaping The Housing Industry

Originally posted on New Homes & Ideas 

Selling a Home with a Security System: Factors to Consider

By Eric Murrell

5 Extra Storage Spaces You Can Take Advantage Of

By Amanda Sims, originally found on Architectural Digest 

4 Beautiful Countertops to Complete Your Kitchen

By Jacklyn Renz

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